Recruitment Materials
Advising school yearbook staffs for more than fifty years has exposed us to the inner workings of school institutions. Even more so, we enjoy a long tenure at a majority of our sites and we understand our customers and the message that they wish to advertise. Our designers have helped present their message in the yearbooks, so administrations have trusted us to refine this image for the student body and for prospective students and their parents. Our customers range from the most select of private institutions to the system-organized schools at the public and private level. We prepare mission-oriented messages in publications that are as simple as postcards, and as in depth as 32-page viewbooks. With yearbook photos in our domain servers we can expedite the design and manufacture of special print messages. Special shapes, sizes, color use and graphic designs work toward making every institution’s message unique. We offer numerous examples of theme-related pieces, and meet with recruitment staffs at the school to orient them to the inclusion of print materials with open house events, scholarship test days, and student visitor days. It’s a whole package of advice that you get when simply engaging Cooke to produce even the smallest of pamphlets.

Development Materials
With the advancement of alumni involvement and development, high schools are preparing an ever-increasing array of publications. These include alumni newsletters, annual reports, annual giving literature, major gifts and corporate giving initiatives, and limited-time capital campaigns. Cooke Publishing Company has designed and produced special literature to celebrate anniversary giving, building campaigns, capital projects for expansion and/or refurbishment, and naming opportunities. We advise Development Directors on the popular and competitive print items that complement their slogans and facts. We design everything from school stationery to campaign case statements. We produce auction guides, golf tournament marketing, donor dinner programs, and black-tie event pieces all that require that special look; Cooke Publishing Company designers have the talent and expertise to help you out. From the complex oversized Donor Folders, to the simplest response form and return envelope, our pieces all have the uniform excellence of good design and easy reading.