Trim Sizes: 
8-1/2” X 11”, 9” X 12” traditionally bound on the long edge

Text Stocks: 
Gloss enamel, Dull enamel, Matte; 70lb., 80lb., 100lb. bases

Edition Binding: 
Smyth-sewn in 16 page signatures, crash lined, rounded and backed with nylon headbands and footbands for books of 128 pages or more. Square-back without bands for books containing fewer than 128 pages.

Standard Covers: 
Holliston Mills, CoverMaterials, Inc., FiberMark, James River materials over 88pt., 98pt., 120pt., and 150pt. binder’s board, one operation included can be embossing, silk-screening or hot foil stamping. Our vast library of embossing and stamping dies includes school seals, insignia titles, backbone dies and mascots.

Mohawk, Neenah, Springhill and Lindenmeyr cover stocks: 65lb. cover or 100lb. text basis; many colors from which to choose.

Offset lithography prepared in 16 page signatures from 150, and 175 line-screen printing plates, and produced on sheet fed presses.

Pantone Matching System (PMS) selector inks in more than 800 colors and black. Inks are Grade “A”, non-scratch offset inks, with special metallic and fluorescent colors available.

Type and Page Preparation: 
Pages are designed using Adobe InDesign software. Pages are imposed in PREPs software and RIPped through our Rampage CTP system using Adobe Postscript and OpenType fonts. Selections number over 600 faces with options of bold, italics, bold italics, condensed and expanded.

Professional Art Services: 
We employ a full-time creative art department. These book specialists are graduates of fully accredited art schools and they stay abreast of the current graphic trends. They translate and transfer ideas to the printed page, and are available to help design covers, endsheets or dividers as well as develop thematic patterns. We supply master pages and digital files for all customers preparing their pages on computers.

A qualified and experienced representative works with you from “concept to completion” in an effort to facilitate your task and implement your work. Each representative not only works with you on decision-making and instruction, but also is personally responsible for working with our behind-the-scenes personnel to ensure production of your desired result.

Laser proofs of every page, printed endsheets, and printed covers are provided in full size pages. These proofs provide an opportunity to edit and correct. Color proofs are provided for any pages using second or natural color photos or decorations; they display all text and photographs in position, with an opportunity to alter before the preparation of plates. Die-making proofs are provided for all stamped and embossed covers.

Our “budget awareness policy" guarantees keeping within the budget set up by each client. Price additions or savings caused by changes in original specifications are called to the attention of the responsible party as the book progresses so that the budget will be maintained or adjusted. Unknown extra charges and hidden costs on the bill are not part of our way of doing business.

Scheduling and Delivery: 
A guaranteed delivery date will be scheduled based on mutually accepted deadlines. Missed deadlines will no longer allow us to guarantee the delivery date, however we continue to work toward that goal. Adequate time is anticipated for production and proofreading. We do not apply any late fees or penalties for missed deadlines.