The commitment for providing quality yearbooks began when Cooke Publishing Company was the first yearbook firm to staff and maintain a professional art and design department. Experienced and trained artists were available for the first time to help editors and staffs prepare covers, develop themes and to design dividers and special pages. Our artists are still engaged in this service. They bring a professional touch to a customer’s ideas and often provide a special way to depict hard-to-visualize concepts. Together with the representatives, our design personnel add a personal touch to every yearbook.
Cooke Publishing Company has been producing award-winning yearbooks for more than fifty years, but our experience and expertise go back to our founders’ roots in the industry some 75 years ago. Our size and proximity to our customers allow us to learn about their individual needs and to work directly with each school’s yearbook staff and adviser, personally. Our trained representatives and graphic artists work personally with advisers, editors and staff in all phases of planning, layout, design, and publication. We take the time to provide training and help you properly plan and design the yearbook that you want at a price you can afford. With Cooke, there are no 1-800 hotlines or mail-in deadlines; we do everything personally to make your job easier and your yearbook better.
Layout and Design
From its inception, Cooke has been a leader in providing layout consultation and guidance. The training, skills, and experience of our graphic artists and representatives enable us to convert your ideas into creative individualized layout and design options. With Cooke, there are no stock layouts, designs, covers, or themes. We work closely, in a joint effort, with each yearbook staff to develop a unique book that reflects the singularity of each school, each school year and each staff’s vision.
Our representatives go to all of our schools to work directly with student staffs and advisers to brainstorm for theme ideas, develop a pagination plan, and provide a comprehensive training program that covers layout design, writing yearbook copy, using publishing software applications, cropping, photography, staff organization and action planning. We are right there with you from concept to completion.
A yearbook is a living history book. Complete and thorough proofing is the key to accuracy. You personally sign off on the accuracy of all type and illustration before your book goes to print. A Cooke representative reviews your deadline material to proof for errors and problems in layout and copy. This personal service helps prevent senseless and costly errors in advance of printing.
Our history is one thing that makes Cooke special. Founded in 1952 and preceded by Mr. Cooke’s position in the industry since 1928, we stand with those first few companies destined to change the face of yearbook publication. We are among the first to combine letterpress and offset printing; to convert to computerized typography; to provide artistic assistance on theme planning and layout design; and to provide yearbook people to represent yearbook people. More than 95% of Cooke’s customers use some aspect of desktop publishing to prepare manuscripts or pages. As technology continues to grow, so will our efforts to make the process efficient and productive, both for our customers and our personnel.
Printing and binding excellence is a given with Cooke Publishing Company. We pride ourselves in the excellence of your finished book. We understand that a record of history should be made to stand the test of time. That is why we focus on quality both inside and outside of your yearbook.
Cover Design and Manufacture
We offer a comprehensive array of cover types: Lithograph, silk-screened, stamped, embossed, metallay dies, color laminate, and others. Our experienced art staff custom-designs personalized covers based on your theme or other ideas. All designs are pre-approved by the staff and adviser before manufacture.